What Is the Difference Between Hot Flashes and Night Sweats?

Ever woke up at night and you are soaked in sweat? These occurrences are called night sweats. It makes your clothes and bedding wet. This might result because of too many clothes and bedding or sleeping in a warm room. Hot flashes are sudden periods of sweating excessively and feeling uncomfortable intensifying heat. Taking foods with a lot of spices, taking coffee, stress and putting on clothes which are tight cause these. Hot flashes occur during the day while night sweats at night. Hot flashes and night sweats are menopause symptoms. Symptoms of both are managed differently. Here are the differences between hot flashes and night sweats:

Do you experience night sweats?

This is sweating excessively during the night. Different women perspire at different frequencies and rates. Night sweat does not allow you to have a peaceful sleep. Some women tend to blame the sweating on warm clothing and too warm rooms. But when you sweat during winter raises the question. This might be early menopause sign.

Our bodies have different reactions; some women may experience reddening of the upper part of the body, nausea and long headaches. When menopause is approaching, there tend to be hormonal imbalances in the body which is the cause of the excessive sweating.

What causes night sweats?

With the early hits of menopause symptoms estrogen rates fluctuates hypothalamus functioning. Hypothalamus is in the brain and has the function of regulating normal body temperature. With fluctuations hypothalamus causes the body to sweat excessively to cool down.

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